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Around our Similkameen Winery, Sagebrush grows throughout our semi-arid landscape. It is an evident and spectacular sight to see on the mountainsides that frame our beautiful valley of farms, orchards and vineyards. The Sage Bush is an iconic symbol of the Similkameen Valley. Sage Bush Winery is Similkameen Winery located in the heart of the Okanagan, we offer premium wines and even specialty wines. Currently, for this year we have 6 different wines, our “Vin Gris” is one of a kind, both of our reds have been recognized for their superior quality and taste. Also, in stock is our “Sweet Pinot Gris” which is a late-harvest white wine. All of our wines are produced in small amounts, we do not mass-produce. The winery is family owned and operated, our farms and vineyards consist of over 200 acres. Grown here and sold here. There are a lot of wineries in the Okanagan but most have turned them into mass producing factories, we have kept it traditional and produce nothing but fine Okanagan wines, give us a try or even a taste of our wines. With over 25 years of experience, we are more than qualified to offer you the best of wines and service.    

 At Sage Bush Winery we believe in sustainable practices and that it is still possible to offer consumers superior products. What does sustainable practices mean? We use solar energy to light our buildings, we do not use fertilizers in the vineyard, we use recycled glass bottles, labels and packaging. Utilization of advanced water drip management, maintenance of vineyards with heavy equipment is limited to twice a month and recycling programs for waste. We aim to make our practices and vineyards self-sufficient. These are just some of the initiatives we have under taken but are not limited to. We are a small business that has chosen sustainable practices and we will continue to provide green practices because not only has it made our business more self sufficient but it helps to protect the environment.

“ We are proud to offer you produce grown in the heart of the Okanagan, also known as Keremeos BC. Gerry's has been providing the Okanagan valley with fresh produce for the past 45 years.  Gerry's is family owned and operated, we take great pride in our work and aim to provide you only fresh locally grown produce. We have a large selection of fruits, vegetables, local honey, specialty sauces, local jams & syrups and we also have an orchard right beside Gerry's so you can see where it all comes from. Aside from that, come say hello and enjoy our famous homemade samosas and irresistible fresh fruit milkshakes. We are competitively priced, when you buy straight from the grower, you know your getting the best deal available.  See it all at Gerry's Fruit & Veg, right in our own backyard, that consists of over 200 acres of farmland. “


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